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When you think of Laundry, think LDS.

As a specialist provider of industrial & commercial laundry equipment, LDS continues to focus on providing more for our customers. At LDS we provide a full range of laundry equipment including high-spinning freestanding washers, rigid mounted washers, hygienic barrier washers, tumble-dryers and flat working roller ironers. Working directly with laundry equipment manufacturers such as Primus and Electrolux, LDS have the capability to provide a range of equipment that is easy to use, energy efficient and represents real value for money.

Our commitment to our customers in providing innovative products is also backed up by our comprehensive technical service. Through our highly skilled technical service team you can be guaranteed a hassle free maintenance service for any make or model of laundry equipment.

Building on our extensive knowledge in the laundry industry. LDS have developed a growing range of services and solutions such as our laundry cleaning chemical range and equipment rental packages. It's this continued focus on providing our customers with reduced running costs and improved efficiency in operating their business, that we believe is key to our future success.

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Primus RX80

Say hello to the new Primus RX80 range, a new line of rigid mounted washer-extractors from Primus.

These new models - RX80(9kg), RX105(12kg), RX135(15kg), RX180(20kg), RX240(27kg) and RX280(32kg) continue to provide the same unique design features as seen in the newly launched FX line but at a reduced cost.

New FXB line - Medical Washer Extractors

LDS are delighted to announce that Primus have recently extended its range of medical barrier washing machines with the completely new FXB models.

The FXB series with capacities of 18kg and 24kg, was developed to offer compact medical washer extractors using the same benefits as designed into the established FX line of high spinning washer extractors.

Electrolux Professional - Efficient Dosing System

Save money in the laundry process with the Efficient Dosing System from Electrolux Professional. Providing users with full control over the wash process, this system guarantees an end to damaged linen or skin irritations caused by detergent overdosing.

Electrolux Professional makes laundry easier than ever

The Line 5000 generation, with its cutting edge technology, is another milestone in Electrolux Professional’s comprehensive range of laundry solutions. The range is built for a diverse array of professional requirements, from self service, hospitality and industry to health providers and commercial laundries.

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