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Electrolux Professional makes laundry easier than ever

Electrolux Professional makes laundry easier than ever

The Line 5000 generation, with its cutting edge technology, is another milestone in Electrolux Professional’s comprehensive range of laundry solutions. The range is built for a diverse array of professional requirements, from self service, hospitality and industry to health providers and commercial laundries.

Smart, green and economical

LDS have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the new Line 5000’s washer extractors and tumble dryers, as these items of laundry equipment all combine technology with green thinking and cost reducing features. They exemplify LDS's and Electrolux’s commitment to continued sustainability and are made to be 95% recyclable. Energy-efficient, their durable, robust construction and high technology manufacturing are built to respect the environment at every point of production and usage.

Line 5000 offers real benefits and improvements in three crucial areas for professional clients: durability, enhanced economy, and  flexibility

  • Durability
    Line 5000 washers and dryers are built to last longer. Their heavy-duty components need less maintenance and are optimized for all kinds of operations and environments.
  • Enhanced economy
    Line 5000’s unique, new efficiency means using less water and energy for wash and dry cycles. But while Line 5000 helps lower operational costs and cut the environmental footprint, it has not compromised on quality. 
  • Maximum flexibility: 
    Ergonomics, performance, safety and labour effectiveness are key factors in Electrolux designs. Line 5000’s user-friendly new Compass Pro®interfaces are intuitive, intelligent as well as easy to use, and available in 18 languages. The Compass Pro® interface also features a USB port to facilitate installation of the latest software updates.

Check out the New Line 5000 on YouTube.

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