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New FXB line - Medical Washer Extractors

New FXB line - Medical Washer Extractors

LDS are delighted to announce that Primus have recently extended its range of medical barrier washing machines with the completely new FXB models.

The FXB series with capacities of 18kg and 24kg, was developed to offer compact medical washer extractors using the same benefits as designed into the established FX line of high spinning washer extractors.

The FXB series also offers standard features such as full stainless cabinet, freely programmable XControl Plus, automatic positioning door and large drain valve.

At LDS we would consider any medical barrier washer setup as being special project given the environment which these pieces of equipment must operate in, that's why at LDS we offer all of our customers a free laundry planning service, which provided you with a full laundry capacity audit and CAD drawings for room layout.

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