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Primus RX80

Say hello to the new Primus RX80 range, a new line of rigid mounted washer-extractors from Primus.

These new models - RX80(9kg), RX105(12kg), RX135(15kg), RX180(20kg), RX240(27kg) and RX280(32kg) continue to provide the same unique design features as seen in the newly launched FX line but at a reduced cost.

All of the new developments which Primus have encompassed on the new line of RX washers are in line with "Xtreme in innovation" - which emphasises energy and water conservation - as energy and water prices continue to rise. This new range has been specifically designed to address this issue, ensuring that your running costs remain low, while keeping the same great results from an established brand. What makes this washer even better is that it is now available from LDS starting at an amazing price of €3,299+VAT.